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Prime Minister of Republic of Kosovo, Hashim Thaçi received in a meeting the Head of European office in Kosovo, Samuel Zhbogar

08.09.2014 - “Kosovo awaits many important processes, the process of European integration, dialogue with Serbia, Stabilization, Association Agreement, economic development and opening new working places. All these processes wait the establishing of institutions that arise from the free vote of 8 June elections”-said Prime Minister Thaçimore

Deputy Prime Minister Edita Tahiri travelled to Brussels

16.09.2014 - Deputy Prime Minister of the Government of Kosovo and the chief negotiator for implementation of Brussels dialogue, Ms. Edita Tahiri travelled today to Brussels. The Agenda of this visit foresees meetings to assess the progress of implementation of the agreement on customs revenue collection in two border crossing points of the northern part of the Republic of Kosovo.more

Deputy Prime Minister Edita Tahiri visits the Arbëresh in Calabria

15.09.2014 - Deputy Prime Minister of Republic of Kosovo, Edita Tahiri, had a visit to the Arbëresh of Italy where in Calabria, in the city of Frasnita took...


Prime Minister Thaçi expresses condolences to the Ceka Family and OVL KLA, upon the loss of the veteran, Ilaz Ceka, the former KLA officer and the President of the KLA War Veterans organization in Kacanik

13.09.2014 - Prime Minister of Kosovo, Hashim Thaci sent a telegram of condolences to the Ceka family and KLA War Veterans, upon the loss of the veteran, Ilaz...


Government Commission on Missing Persons - Press Release

12.09.2014 - Repatriation of remains of 24 missing persons identified from the remains excavated in Rashkë/Raška Today, at the Merdarë/Merdare...